With over 40 years of experience in the recycling and waste management industry, MMH Recycling Systems are recognised as experts in the supply of individual machinery and complete systems for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as for the recycling of tyres, refrigerators, electrical cables and complex scrap.

Zanetti Magneti Lifting Electromagnets

Zanetti Magneti have been building and installing scrap handling electromagnets for over thirty years. Their products range from 650mm to 2000mm with a weight of up to 10 ton. We now represent Zanetti in South Africa and can supply their full range of lifting electromagnets.

A photo of a donkey cart of scrap going through a Radcomm radiation detection weighbridge

It's not just bulkers carrying tons of scrap that might harbour radioactive material, even a humble donkey cart needs to be checked. Thankfully Radcomm's weighbridge radiation detection systems are 100% donkey-friendly, as this photo courtesy of our customer Envirocycle proves!

New Rozzi scrap handling grabs in stock

We've taken delivery of a new consignment of Rozzi scrap handling grabs. These market-leading grabs are so popular with our customer that we always keep them in stock. Contact us if you'd like further information or would like to drop in and see us.

New and used stock in MMH's Benoni warehouse.

We maintain a comprehensive stock of new and used equipment at our Benoni works. We're always happy to welcome customers to our premises to talk through their requirements and show them some of our quality recycling machinery.

First Kinshofer demolition shear sold in South Africa

First Kinshofer demolition shear sold in South Africa

This mobile scrap shear is being put to great use by our customer Envirocycle.

What are the risks to your business from radiation?

What are the risks to your business from radiation?

Failing to detect radiation contamination in scrap will cost you time and money. Here we explain the risks and what you can do to make sure you protect your people and your profits.